Not everything that glitters is gold!

Have you ever been offered the opportunity to make money from the comfort of your home? That You’ll be able to get out of bed when you please and you will not have to worry about bosses, and still going to win a huge amount of money. If you’re still thinking that this is true and you just discovered the great opportunity that will take away the poverty in which you are mired. Let me to tell you that you have to wake up! No such things exist!

These deals could come in very different forms, may tempt you with enticing words that touch fibers hidden in your subconscious. Subconscious that sometimes make bad plays, that looks for self-satisfaction, that looks the sudden gain, sudden wealth.

This practice is not new, there from the time when men discovered that they can make profit from the stupidity of others, and found a way to arm the deception. You can call it: lotteries, gambling, trafficking, exploitation, money laundering, pyramid schemes (Ponzi scheme), some legal and some not so, but the active principle behind the deal is the same, take advantage of the subconscious of human beings seeking quick profits.

The dangers of falling into any of these offers go from a simple scam where they ask for a small amount of money that you ever see again in your life, or you can become part of a network of money laundering that can bring you very unpleasant consequences, such as: several years in prison.

The way to catch the unwary has evolved, previously was the person to person contact (that still exist), newspaper and radio ads were also used, and has evolved with the emergence of new technologies, social networks and the Internet is now a breeding ground for these deceptive offers, appears on Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and many others networks, including a network for professionals, for they content I expect it to be free of this type of deception. Linkedin, a quick check of the news reaching me by this network shows a high percentage of links featuring the work of your life and are armed with fake profiles and contain links to at least have a Trojan designed to steal your data.

My wake-up call is for all, You should always be alert to such offers. Not everything that glitters is gold! Even in Linkedin.

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